Everything About A Well Designed Portrait

Clothing Guidelines

V-Neck for Ladies & Button Down Collars For Men

  • Simple long sleeves

  • Matching tops & matching bottoms

  • Colors in same tonal range


Avoid patterns, stripes & prints

Time of Day

Last hour & half of the day, when the sun is softest.

*Colorado light is typically too bright, unless cloudy or overcast which is not very often.


**Coming Soon**

The McNeil Touch

All images that you receive from McNeil Designer Portraits are fully enhanced and retouched. This includes eye brighting, teeth whitening, skin softening.

  • We remove anything you find distracting removing any distractions you find bothersome in your image. 

  • We also offer extensive retouching for an additional fee.



There are usually 5 to 8 artists who will work on each image (more for our elaborate finishes.)  For this reason we do not sell the digital rights to our images nor burn images on a cd.


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