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We hadn't had a family portrait in ... well ... a very long time and were kind of nervous about admitting to you how long it had been.  You made us feel completely at ease and appreciate how you made the moment all about building memories now and never once about what we had missed.  Your personality is so fun and engaging and you had us laughing.  Julian and I love how you connected with our two silly teenaged boys and made our teenaged daughter feel like she was a beauty queen.  We had such a great experience that we will be back again for a beautiful outdoor portrait!


Julian and Tamie Gonzalez

We were introduced to McNeil Designer Portraits through a fundraising event.  I wanted a family portrait, so I researched McNeil Designer Portraits and the other companies available for purchase at the auction.  I was impressed with the quality of the photos on the McNeil Designer Portraits site and therefore bid and eventually won the session. We have had family portraits taken in the past, but I have never felt they truly captured the personality of our family.  I was worried that the photographs would again meet that same fate. We met with Craig.  We discussed things we liked and wanted in a portrait.  We discussed our previous experiences, what we liked and would have changed.  Craig listened and I felt heard what we were saying. The session was held on a beautiful fall afternoon.  The images were able to be seen as described.  And for the first time I wanted to purchase a photograph from a photographer that was larger than a 4x6.  I even had professional holiday cards made through McNeil Designer Portraits. 

We have received multiple compliments on the photographs that we ordered.  Comments of their ability capture of who we are, to capture the surrounds and also the quality of the end product. We also had Sean photograph our dogs for the coffee table book “Dogs of Denver”.  Sean captured the varying personalities of our two pups perfectly.  We greatly appreciated both the opportunity to help raise money for Freedom Service Dogs and to take away such accurate representations of our four legged family members.


I would recommend Craig, Sean, Tamie and the team. 


Katie Lyons and Family 

The experience with McNeil Designer Portraits was great; we had a great time having our images taken up in the cold snow and our boys had a lot of fun.  We were very, very pleased with what you had done and everybody raved about our Christmas card image.  Our overall experience was very, very positive and will (and already have) recommend you for portraits; it was great working with you! 


The Bettman Family 

Thank you Craig, it was a very easy and enjoyable experience and I love our picture, it was really fantastic.  For someone who hates taking pictures and having pictures taken, it was really painless!  It was a beautiful place, getting all the kids to cooperate, it was a great day.  I loved the way you listened to everything my wife asked for, and put it all together, you were ready, picked the location that I wanted, the way we were positioned and it was fantastic over all!  Thank you!


Tim and Tamra Scaturro 

Working with you was a rewarding experience.  It was fun to see everybody interacting and move as you photographed our family.  Your whole team made it fun, well, as fun as it can be in the cold snow, and for us, it was a great afternoon. The whole experience you offered, by coming to our house and helping us prepare for what was to come was so helpful. I find it exceptional that you made adjustments to our schedule; your flexibility for the shoot made the whole experience so pleasant. The end result was just really beautiful, really amazing pictures.  We loved the whole process and would definitely recommend you to our friends and anyone who is in need of family portraits.


The Lum Lung Family 

In the beginning stage of this process, I had no clue what to expect. From my perspective, you really made the overall experience a family event and we enjoyed building a relationship with you.  The first time we tried to get the picture done, we got rained out!  It could have been a letdown but instead we sat around a table and had some cheese and wine while laughing and telling stories.  The second attempt was a much better night, it was actually really beautiful out and to be honest, getting rained out the first time made our experience better because we were more relaxed getting to know you! Your whole process made it an event that was easy to do and the kids had a blast! We got to see your whole process and I’ll look at each picture differently because of that.  I will look at each image as a memory rather than a picture. You are great and easy to work with.  We have a daughter who is challenged and you captured the essence of her and everyone else’s personality.


Bill & Robin Duclose

It has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. I loved you coming to our house and seeing where we lived and looking at where we would put the portraits.  You spent so much time with us helping us decide on which colors to wear.  The evening of the shoot couldn’t have been more lovely and the weather was perfect.  We had so much fun during the process that it felt like we were getting married all over again! You really captured the essence of who we are.  I absolutely loved all of the images.  All of them. 


Gary and Barb Leffler 

The overall experience of working with you was very positive.  From day one, we knew exactly what we were getting into and you helped us understand the whole process.  We found you to be professional as you helped us understand what the final product was going to look like.  We loved the location you picked and how you helped us through the session; made what seemed complicated a very simple process.  We really enjoyed having our family photographed.  When we finally got to come in to view the images, my wife started crying several times because it’s our family, it’s what we love and it’s who we’re all about.  We came in only planning to buy a couple and ended up buying a lot!  We love all the images and we just thank you so much.

Eric and Sally Bower 

Sverre and I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on our family portrait. We’re receiving an abundance of compliments that are making us feel very proud, but then we realize that it was you that did all the work. We just had to sit there :) So thank you for sharing your professional talent, and for being so great to work with. It is obvious that you take pride in your work and that made all the difference to us while working with you. You were willing to do anything we felt important and your artistic insights were invaluable. We had a great experience!

                                               Thanks again,
                                    Sverre and Erin Jensen

A very special thank you for our treasured family portraits. We were not quite sure what to expect the day of our setting and how the whole process was going to turn out. The location you suggested was just perfect. You were so professional working with our family and especially the four little ones, ages four, three, two and one. We were all so impressed! Again, thanks so much for our family portraits - they are SO special!


The Kilgroe Family

What an absolute delight you made for our day up in Vail for our photo shoot. From locating the perfect site...to entertaining two teenaged boys who were, shall we say, a bit reticent...to capturing the perfect image for us on canvas...(Dare I also credit you with the uncannily good weather and ideal lighting that day?) Truly our experience could not have been more enjoyable, or successful in its results.

Having spent so many years enjoying the Rocky Mountains, it was only fitting that this “already treasured” heirloom reflects our family’s love of Colorado, as well as for one another. And with great skill you have managed to merge both of these themes artfully into a stunning image which will call to mind not only the many moments our family has shared here, but also the laughter and camaraderie enjoyed that day, “on location” with you and your team.


Again, our heartfelt and most sincere thanks,
The Packard Family

We could not be happier with the way our portrait turned out. The Vail location with the winter scene and sun highlighting the Colorado mountain range complete with the western motif, right down to the horses and wagon, make our portrait very pleasing to the eye. This portrait could have been from a scene in “Jeremiah Johnson” with Robert Redford or from a scene in “The Mountain Men” with Charlton Heston. (In another life I would have relished playing the part of either man!)

Thank you Craig for the experience you provided for us. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend your services. Please let us know if we could ever be of assistance to you.

                                    Jerry & Diana Magers

Thank you again for the beautiful portrait of our family. I am so impressed you were able to get the kids to smile and laugh and look like happy children with wonderful lives and capture their delight in the picture (rather than the much easier to record moments of moods that I prefer not tosee on a daily basis!) My husband was not at all looking forward to the ordeal of trying to get all the kids to smile for a picture and we were all pleasantly surprised with what a smooth and fun process it turned out to be. Especially in comparison with our previous attempts at getting a family photo, which did not result in anything near the quality of what you managed to create for us. The finished product is now hanging in our living room where it makes me happy every time I see it, and I know as the kids get older I will always be happy that we took the time to take them out to your beautiful spot in Colorado and have a family picture taken. Thank you again. 


Love from,
The Bugelli Family, La Jolla, California

I want you to know how talented you are and that God has given you an extraordinary gift. We will do what we can to spread the word of your talents. It was such a joy to work with you and to watch the interaction with my family as they participated in the process of getting our portraits done in Ashcroft, Colorado. I am thankful to have met you at the Aspen Youth Experience – Celebrity Downhill Gala and that we both have chosen to give our time and talents to this amazing organization. As you know, Aspen Youth Experience empowers young people to achieve things they would not otherwise aspire too. 

From the Marrs Family to the McNeil Family, we thank you for the whole McNeil Designer Portraits experience and for working with us. When watching the DVD slide show of your work and the smiles on the faces of each member of my family, I was in awe.

Thank you,
David L. Marrs

As I walk by our family portrait every day, I pause and admire how well you captured each and every one of us. You encapsulated a moment in time and place, and that I will always cherish. It seemed an ordinary day when you took the photo, but now it is a day rendered permanent and special in your photograph. There is no doubt that this piece of art (for it is art) will be treasured for many, many years to come. We are so glad that we decided to do this, and feel that it is an investment well made. Thank you, thank you.


Jennifer Corbet & Family

My wife and I have always wanted to make a family portrait worthy of passing on to our daughter, Emily, and some day on to her children. When I came across your portraits, I knew now was that time since Emily is 10 years old, and since through you we had found someone that has the ability to capture the essence of our family bond and our love of Colorado. But I must confess that based on prior experiences, I personally hate sitting for portraits and dreaded the process. Luckily my trepidation proved to be completely unjustified due to how you managed this experience and your sensitivity in working with my family. The first step was the friendship and trust that you built with our family. I never thought that I would say this, but you made it enjoyable. The setting was beautiful, the process was fun and my family stopped for a great mountain dinner before going home. I knew that we would have a great family keepsake in the form of this gorgeous portrait, but we also found warm memories that will never be forgotten. We are very proud to show this portrait to everyone and can not thank you enough for helping us create our family treasure. I know we will keep in touch.


Thank you,
Dave, Ellie & Emily Norwood


Just a brief note to express our appreciation for everything you did to compose and create our beautiful portrait. Working outdoors and capturing the beauty of the Roxborough red rock formations in our “backyard” was so special. You selected the perfect time of day and lighting to fully capture the rich colors of the rocks…and you helped us to fit into the scenery so naturally. We really love this portrait!


Jeanne & George Rasmussen


I would first like to commend Craig McNeil for donating his services to the Families First silent auction. My wife and I bid on his offering with the desire of getting a picture of our entire family during an opportunity we feared might not occur again. After bidding, we had some trepidation about the challenge of organizing eight children under 12 years of age, 10 adults and year old puppy.
Suffice to say, Craig and his team pulled it off with minimal stress and effort. We could not be more pleased with the result and strongly recommend McNeil Designer Portraits for capturing any memorable event.

                                               Jon and Sue Burns


Every time we walk by our family portrait, we have to stare. It evokes an emotion. It is a moment in time that we wanted to preserve and cannot be replicated. You chose the perfect location and time of day. Despite our family’s uncontrolled laughter, we have never seen our boys photographed so beautifully. This portrait is an heirloom that our family will forever cherish. Thank you for making this experience a memorable one.


The Najjar Family


We want to thank you for the great experience you provided for us in creating a beautiful family portrait for us. With a small baby and young grandchildren we were a bit concerned about getting a good picture. However, there was no need for concern because you and your assistant made the entire session a lot of fun! You were calm and easygoing and very positive and upbeat. Even the members of our family who dislike having their pictures taken were attentive and enthusiastic. It was a great family time. We also appreciated the care and concern you showed in making sure the final portraits were to our liking. We were very impressed with the process and the final product. These portraits will be a treasured heirloom for our family. Upon seeing our portraits displayed in our home, our friends have been inspired to have their family portraits done also. We recommended they contact you! Thank you, Craig, for making this a pleasurable experience from beginning to end!


Doug & Mary Windemuller


Our family portrait hangs proudly in our “Gathering Room” and every time I step back to look at it, I smile. I must say that I do get a bit emotional at times, when I gaze at our faces. You captured the spirit of our family like no one before. Our portrait is a true masterpiece. It all began a year earlier when we met in our home.  The personal consultation was incredible. You asked so many good questions to capture the true essence and reasoning behind the portrait. When we arrived at the shooting location, I just stood there, taking in all of the beauty surrounding us. We had water and we had the mountains, the two things that were important to us. During the session we were treated like celebrities and you even made Greg smile. No one has been able to capture Greg’s smile in a photo before, including me. The best, yet most frustrating process was to pick THE perfect photo. There were so many extraordinary photos to choose from. We had so much fun deciding. I can’t tell you how emotional I got when I saw Michelle on a few of the photos. I almost cried, for she almost looked alive. She looked so beautiful. Craig, you have such a gift for this work and we are grateful that our paths crossed so that we could have this amazing experience together. I thank you from the bottom of our heart!


Best Regards
Greg, Eva and Michelle Milko


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