Guide to Your Fine Art Portrait

Portrait Art

Craig cares about his work with a true artist’s passion, creating images that are beyond normal portraiture. All of your portraits are skillfully retouched to eliminate blemishes without that fake plastic look, and they are hand-finished to meet our trademark quality. Craig’s work with it’s unique blend of dramatic artistry and meticulously handcrafted finish is created to be a piece of art and timeless family heirloom.

Images 16x20 and larger are considered a wall portrait, and collections that include a wall portrait come with a complimentary frame on our largest size.


PORTRAIT COLLECTIONS include a 20% savings 


GIFT SIZES start at $250


WALL PORTRAITS start at $950


Enjoy the portraits you want and comfortably pay for them over time. Ask about our custom, no- interest “buy now, pay later” plans.

100% Thrilled to Tears Guarantee

If you’re not thrilled with your portrait art for any reason, we will retake or recreate them at no charge. Everything we create is 100% Guaranteed! 

Albums & Books

The quintessential way to enjoy all of your images in one place. With sizes that can fit in your purse to those that are the center piece in your living room, these are sure to be treasured forever as family heirlooms.


A-B Our designer albums are personally designed to match your mood, style and tone of your images. Each images is exquisitely printed on hinged archival paper allowing you to open pages to lay flat.


A. Designer Albums, 5x5 or 10x10, start sat $1450 and include 30 or more images.


B. Press Books, 5x5 or 10x10, starts at $580 and include 12 or more images. 

Panels & Collages

Our carefully designed panels and collages are simply the best value you’ll find. Unique collections of three or more images, they are the perfect blend of portraiture and artistry. Displayed as a single framed piece, they are sized for grand and quaint spaces alike. 

A-C A collage is a collection of 3 or more images, designed to creatively be one larger framed piece. It is perfect when wanting to combine several similar or themed photos into a single framed image. A Fusion Panel blends 3 portraits into one image by artistically blurring the edges between them make one single masterpiece. A Box Panel combines 3 images into one frame by accenting them with a digital matte.

A. Collage, 14x30 or 14x40, starts at $899 B. Fusion Panel, 12x24 or 24x40, starts at $699

C. Box Panel, 12x24 or 24x40, starts at $799 

Christmas & Event Cards

Custom cards designer around your images and event. Let us help with all your event and Christmas card needs from announcements to Christmas and holiday cards that perfectly represent who you are.

A set of 100 cards starts at $300 depending on size shape and fold. Cards come in set of 25, and include a complimentary white envelope. 

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